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Jun. 28th, 2006 @ 07:53 pm Otis
I adopted a kitten at the Humane Society here in MI about two weeks ago. Even though they had black kittens (which is a color I was looking for) I ended up taking home a really friendly and energetic cat that I thought was a gray and black tabby. When I got him home I keep looking at him like, wow, he has the darkest stripes on his back. What was even more weird were the spots on his belly which I've never seen on a tabby before. I was looking through some of the papers they gave me when I got him and there was a picture of a bengal laying down and his belly looked exactly the same as my cat's. I looked up more about it online and he seems to look just like some of the pictures I've seen. I asked the vet when I took him in the other day but she wasn't really sure because they just kind of mark everything as DSH. On his paper it had said DSH- Brown Tiger but I hadn't thought about it at the time. So here's a picture of Otis laying down so you can see his belly and there are more in my journal.

So what do you guys think?
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Date:June 29th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)


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I got a kitten 2 years ago that looked alot like that.... my vet said he was a bengali...which is bengal mixed with tabby. So 1/2 bengal. You will have so much fun with him, they only get more amazing as they get older!





Thats Steve. As you can see they get huge and silly.
Good luck!